Thursday, May 14, 2015

Leaving on a jet plane...

All our house-sitting/dog-sitting arrangements have been made. Thanks to four of my wonderful sisters! Now I can let go of those worries. On our way to Logan Airport, we picked up our son at his office, and he dropped us off at Terminal E.

We breezed through checkin and security; bought a couple of inflatable neck pillows for our non-stop flight; water and a nice thank you bottle of single malt for our friend, Yoshino, who will greet us at our hotel in Tokyo.

Now, we wait at our gate to board the 13+ hour flight. I`m a little nervous. Larry is reading a travel tips manual for Japan he downloaded on his Kindle. I just need to breathe.

We`ve never been to a country where we can`t read the alphabet. But, that`s the beauty of smart phones with translation apps, right?

We are so happy Yoshino will get us oriented for two days before our tour starts. And, he`ll be with us again the day before we leave for home. Ok. I`m getting excited now.

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