Friday, May 15, 2015

Piece of Cake

Apparently, travelling west over 6,700 miles at 1:30pm is a great time to leave. There was no line to get through security, and arriving in Tokyo at 4pm the next day also means no lines to get through customs. So far everyone is friendly, and provides efficient,  fast service.

Our plane was very modern and comfortable in economy with impressive liquid crystal windows instead of shades. We had personal TVs with headsets and blankies. We got free alcohol and they fed us very well. I watched many of the academy-award nominated movies I never got to see during our 13-hour flight: Kingsman: The Secret Service, Still Alice, Birdman, The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything.

After breezing through customs, we found our way to the airport limousine bus service for an hour and a half bus ride to our hotel. We were not only met by our friend, Yoshino, but our very friendly local guide, Myumi. We were very surprised to learn we are the only members on our tour. We feel very special indeed.

Both Myumi and Yoshino gave us a briefing of our itinerary, and then we adjourned to our very small, but very Japanese room. It is  complete with paper-looking slide window shade panels and bum-washer toilet seat. Yoshino made a point of warning us about the Japanese toilets. It can be shocking if your not prepared for the very precise aim of the spray. Hilarious!

We are wiped out. Larry napped a bit, but I got no sleep at all. We are crashed in our room with a TV that has nothing to watch, literally. We must get some rest to meet Yoshino at 9:30am tomorrow. It is supposed to rain half a day, so he`ll take us for sushi at the fish market, then to his apartment. His building is owned by relatives and is on a small river. He wants to show us his daily walk which is 3,000 steps.

Sayonara for tonight, Friends.

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